Dare to Enter, Die to Leave

by Scaremaker

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These are the SCAREMAKER songs from the split CD with CRYPTICUS


released January 1, 2012

Vanessa Nocera: Guitars/Bass/Vocals
Billy Nocera: Vocals
Elektrokutioner: Drums

All music written by Vanessa Nocera
Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Bruss
Recorded late 2011 at Metropol Studios
Cover art by Putrid



all rights reserved


Scaremaker Henderson, Kentucky

Vanessa Nocera - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Billy Nocera - Vocals
Elektrokutioner - Drums

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Track Name: From the Coffin to the Worms
Music: Vanessa Nocera / Lyrics: Billy Nocera

Witches swarm over shallow graves
Nightmares from the past shall return
Skin carvings and pagan rituals
From the midnight sun you will burn

From the coffin to the worms

A blood splattered past remembered
Out of the ashes you are reborn
Maggots pour from your remains
Your funeral they've come to mourn

From the coffin to the worms

Thunderous clouds swarm the graveyard
A creek of blood flows down the path
Demons awake as the sun fades away
Your past sins invoking their wrath

Blood feast for the damned
They send you straight to hell
Flesh fading into nothing
Undead stories to forever tell
Track Name: Insane Die-Section
Music & Lyrics: Vanessa Nocera

An autopsy feast for Dr. Insane
Chewing on organs, flesh and brains
Ripping through bodies, alive or dead
There he is at the foot of your bed
His scalpel slices, your throat rains blood
He stands in the shower of this crimson flood
Dragging your body to the morgue
For his lunch of "cadavers galore"

Prying open your chest, he chomps away
He eats your body before you decay
Picking the bones, he leaves on the floor
He goes back out, looking for more!
Track Name: Reverberate Through the Dark Woods
Music: Vanessa Nocera / Lyrics: Billy Nocera

Deep in the woods, lurks a hideous evil...
Don't even whisper his name!
Deeper in the woods, you're going to die...
The Madman is insane!

He comes out when his name is called
Your flesh and organs shredded and mauled
Bloodlust and destruction his motives
He is the Madman...The Legend Lives!

They thought they were alone,
but they were wrong
Madman is out for the kill
Madman wants your blood to spill
He dwelled in the forest
Carnage-hungry and crazed
Madman is hungry for death
Madman wants to steal your breath

The words of his name...
Reverberate through the dark woods
Track Name: Demon Slave
Music: Vanessa Nocera / Lyrics: Vanessa and Billy Nocera

The legend of his curse
Don't play his records in reverse
Satanic hidden messages
You've summoned Scaremaker
Born of metal and demonic hate
He's come back to seal your fate

Don't fuck with fire
Is he trick or treating you?
He'll make you a demon slave
Demon Slave!

He possesses your mind
And melts your stereo
You were warned
Now you'll never be the same
The Scaremaker takes you over
You will never forget his name
Track Name: Mansion of the Macabre
Music and Lyrics: Vanessa Nocera

The house is alive
Taking over her soul
What's behind the door?
Only she seems to know
Pictures displayed of unknown faces
History of the house nobody traces

The house is reborn
Stealing their lives
What's up the stairs?
You can no longer hide
It's all caving in; the house sheds its skin
Only to rebuild from ones it has killed

Old hearse creeping up the drive
How long will you remain alive?
A man steps out with an eerie grin
Shoving a casket, your body within

Mansion of the Macabre
No one knows where you are
Mansion of the Macabre
You don’t even know who you are
Mansion of the Macabre
No one knows where you are